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About Us

Through our strong strategic advertising package that we offer to the market, is not only the ability to customize advertising solutions to our clients’ needs but also a full-service customer support with customized management skills for our client’s products/services being back-up with designs created by our design professionals.

Our client-focused team recommends innovative promotional products and programs that build a strong corporate image; brands; loyalties and generate ideas to increase business. Together with our client’s interest and involvement in our service offered, we are able to help them save time & cost on advertisement exposure, furthermore the
response from the advertisement will boost their sales and open doors to a new market audience which is an important factor for their business in the near future as the market competitive levels are on the rise.

We look forward in helping you to design, plan, and promote unique and attention-getting promotional advertisements for your business products/services.advertising for commercial, advertisement platform in Singapore, corporate advertising.

You are at the right place, if you are willing to start a new online business, expand your enterprise over internet or boost the sales. We at Chan’s Marketing & Advertisement Pte Ltd. offer a wonderful advertisement platform in Singapore, with the help of which, you can get the new customers within a few days. We have both offline and online marketing strategies to take your enterprise to heights.

For the offline corporate advertising, we have the residential as-well-as the commercial magazines, which attract the attention of the masses towards your business. On the other hand, our online marketing strategies include Facebook marketing, advertising through other social media sites like twitter, advertising on many other well-known online sites and more.

Besides, we also offer the services like advertising for commercial, which create more audience for your products or services. Our advertisement platform will definitely give your small shop a way to become a big enterprise.




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